Secular Humanistic Professional  Dreamer, Dreams Are My Diamonds, Taurus ♉, Rising Sign: Gemini ♊, Chinese Sign: Earth (土) 猴子

If you can touch one persons heart and make them smile or think it has been worthwhile. As an artist driven by my imagination emotions and surroundings with relationships of omni. The creative spirit is primeval and overwhelming at times never to say yes to popular culture. I hope to bring new dimensions to everyday life for the few who can really understand that creating art is not simple and then It Is. Creations come from the soul of the individual in any medium and should not be taken lightly as we can understand perfection is never found. There is a story behind all works and all art work is valid and open for individual interpretation from the viewer. Art is everywhere in your daily life just embrace your imagination. Thank you for your time face of innocence bringer of fear upon eyes of the woken It is all processes of creative development think the meaning within this is freedom so people be free be creative explore and develop we all can achieve never fear rejection.

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