Secular Humanistic Professional  Dreamer, Dreams Are My Diamonds, Taurus ♉, Rising Sign: Gemini ♊, Chinese Sign: Earth (土) 猴子 If you can touch one persons heart and make them smile or think it has been worthwhile. My line of creative thinking began In early childhood I needed an outlet for my emotions. I did not seriously think about this until 1984 when I attended my first art collage.

Today I have no agenda I have found  more by helping people gives me a great deal of satisfaction and pleased to obtain a valuable contribution to anyone I do this at no cost.

I have been using computers for over twenty years and over fifteen with Photoshop and can safely say I can come up with workable designs In a day.

I have built web sites from scratch self taught HTML and CSS along with JavaScript editing Flash, Video and Gif. I highly recommend WordPress for anyone It takes less than forty minuets to get a workable website.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy my creations and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

~ Nicholas Leslie ~

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